Born in what is affectionately known as "Gods Own County" Yorkshire, in a small mining village north of Doncaster called Skellow.

I'm often asked, "When did you start to draw and paint?" To which I answer, "I can't remember not drawing". One of my first memories though is as a 5 year old walking the 3 miles to the neighbouring village to copy pictures out of the Libraries Bird Books.

Art was always my strongest area throughout my time at school. I left Doncaster Grammar School with O and A level art and enrolled on an Advertising course at the local Art College. After 2 years I left college, having spent most of the time sampling the delights of the local public houses rather than using the time productivley in the studio. I then followed my then girlfriend and now wife to Nottingham and we are still there.

I worked in advertising for 20+ years before moving into teaching. During this time my art took the back burner to my job and most of all helping and enjoying becoming a father. Over the last few years my passion for drawing and painting has returned, not that it had ever left. I started getting more and more commissions and after several very successful art fairs, of which I sold out of my original art, I've began to believe that I may have a future in art. I'm constantly looking to improve my knowledge and ability. I use different mediums and styles continually experimenting to produce art that I enjoy and hope you will like.

© John Tyas